Argentina and Mexico’s 2022 World Cup away shirts have leaked online via social media, giving us a sneak peak at both nation’s new looks ahead of the tournament this fall.

Let’s take a look at both tops:

Argentina and Mexico 2022 World Cup Away Shirts


The Argentines, when not in their superb primary tops, will be rocking a solid(ish) blue number.

Solid blue has often been an away shirt choice for Argentina, including the one worn for a certain infamous match in 1986, so this isn’t a huge surprise.

The details are a bit different though, with the trademark Adidas shoulder stripes and side striping in purple, and the AFA badge and Adidas logo in silver on the front. There’s a jagged geometric tonal pattern on the lower front, not sure exactly if it’s supposed to represent anything in particular and it adds little to the overall design. It appears to have the texture of thin, diagonal overlaid lines which is also on their home shirt (and Mexico’s away), so that seems like a theme with Adidas for this year’s crop of shirts.

Tough to properly judge it without seeing the official release along with the shorts/socks pairing, but as of now, this isn’t nearly as good as their home stripes.


Mexico is going with a white base and all red trimmings for their away (with what appears to be a slight touch of black on the collar). It’s tough to tell if it’s a true white or more of a cream color from the leaked photo, but either way it’s a nice contrast to their green home option.

The star of the show here is the pattern all over the top, based on stonework one might see on Aztec and Mayan temples. It’s a design that unmistakably screams “Mexico.” It will supposedly be paired with black shorts and white socks, which is a nice pairing with the red and white top.

Looking forward to the official release of these, as it’s a great look. Hopefully the name and number font choice(s) don’t muck up an otherwise terrific effort.

photos via @martindardik / @joreze17