For soccer fans, a streaming playing device is something such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV or something similar. In each of these cases, these are practically smart TVs that can hook up to anything with an HDMI port.

What makes these devices special is the fact that they allow access to the wide variety of streaming services. In the United States, soccer fans require subscriptions to four different providers just to watch the top five leagues in Europe. After that, other leagues in Europe are spread out. However, more often than not, the best streaming playing devices still carry those platforms.

It makes it easy for soccer fans to watch multiple leagues. In fact, many Americans opt for these streaming playing devices because of how easy it is to switch between something like Paramount+ and ESPN+. All it takes is a handful of clicks with the remote, and paid-subscriptions to the services, to watch all your favorite soccer leagues.

The best streaming playing device for soccer

Of course, the best way to have input into which one of these is the best is to use them all. In the effort to save some money, few people have that experience. However, these are fairly frequent items.

Speaking anecdotally, I use an Apple TV in the living room on a Roku TV. Therefore, if I use the smart TV portion of the Roku, I have access to the streaming playing aspect of that device. At the same time, one simple input change allows me to use the Apple TV. Therefore, I can speak for those two.

Personally, I find the Apple TV to be better. Yet, much of that stems from the fact that it is controllable via my phone. Passwords, changes in application, familiarity and more are reasons why the Apple TV suits my uses for watching soccer.

Even then, there are perfectly good reasons why the Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick or Chromecast may be your favorite to use.

Knowing that, we want to know your opinion. Much of that is influenced by your use of one of these. However, if you have experience, be sure to tell why you like, or dislike, using a certain streaming playing device like the ones listed above.