Everyone has a memory of their first soccer game attendance. In reality, it might not even be the game itself that you remember.

A certain food or snack just sat right after eating it. A song the supporters sang rang pure in your ears. Watching everyone launch their arms in the air because of a goal. Or, that could be a missed call, soccer fans are funny in that way.

Whatever it may be, attending your first soccer game is a precious memory. Oftentimes, you share that with loved ones to make it just that bit more special.

The first soccer game you attended

Here at World Soccer Talk, we have readers that come from across the world with a variety of ages. In the past, some readers mention how they watched Pele or Maradona compete at the World Cup in 1970 or 1986. Other readers are fairly new. In that case, they may recount watching Landon Donovan or Christian Pulisic score a hat trick. That applies to me, at least, with those games coming in Tampa and Orlando, not far from where I live.

Whichever bracket you fall into, we want to know you earliest memories of watching the beautiful game live and in person.

For some, that could be when you were a small kid. Your parents took you to your local club’s stadium to watch a game. Frankly, the details may seem vague. However, it is still a memory.

For other readers, your first game in person could be more recent. You just got into the sport, and it is something you did not care about when you were young. In this case, you likely got to enjoy some beverages and take in the atmosphere for all it is worth.

Regardless, attending a game for the first time is a spiritual experience for many of us. Using the comment section below, please tell your stories of what it was like to attend the first soccer game in your life.

PHOTO: Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images