The Aston Villa 2022/23 Home Kit has been released by the West Midlands club ahead of the upcoming Premier League campaign.

Supplied by Castore, the Manchester-based sportswear brand that is making big moves into the kit scene across England and Europe, the shirts are very close to claret and sky blue perfection.

Reviewing the Aston Villa 2022/23 home kit

The Aston Villa 2022/23 home kit is a traditional overall look, with the classic claret body and blue sleeves, completed with a v-neck featuring a thin blue trim line. But it’s the details where it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

The Bad:

The Castore mark and front sponsor are in white, which looks fine. However Cazoo, an online car retailer, adding the superfluous tagline under their logo really clutters up the front. The tonal chevron design on the body of the shirt, which according to the club “represent[s] the impressive honors won throughout the club’s prestigious history”, just seems like an afterthought. Similarly, the small blue piping that goes about 1/3 of the way up the lower front of the shirts and blue-trimmed ventilation holes under the arms do not really add anything to the design and could be done without.

The Good:

How absolutely gorgeous is that 3D silicone crest? One of the better recent trends in kits has been these sorts of 3D crest applications, which like good embroidery, can add a great deal of subtle detail and texture, elevating normally flat designs to another level. And this one is really well done. The standalone lion in blue adorning the rear neckline is also a fine little detail.

Grade: B

From afar this is a fine shirt, but it gets bogged down by the attempt at extra detailing for the sake of extra detailing. A less-is-more approach would’ve served Villa here, doing away with the little add-ons and sticking with simply that wonderful crest, a more streamlined sponsor logo, letting the iconic claret and blue shirt template shine on it’s own.

Now available, order the Aston Villa 2022/23 home kit online and get it delivered to your home.