Every summer, we wait with anticipation for the launch of Fantasy Premier League. This year is no different. Thankfully the FPL gods have made it official. Fantasy Premier League is live!

The popular fantasy soccer game is now open for the 2022/23 Premier League season. All of the new teams have been added, as well as the kits. Plus the player valuations are in the system and everyone is ready to start picking their teams.

For World Soccer Talk readers, we encourage you to join our private league. By joining, you are grouped and competing against fellow readers and writers from this site.

WST Private league: Fantasy Premier League is live

First, here’s how to join the World Soccer Talk private league:

1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in
2. If you’ve never registered before, click the ‘Sign Up’ button,
3. After logging in, select your team (you can always change the team selection later, so don’t worry about finalizing your team right then and there),
4. Click the ‘Leagues’ tab in the top navigation,
5. Click the “Create and join new leagues” button,
6. Click the ‘Join a league’ button,
7. Click ‘Join private league’ button,
6. Enter the code 0ooku5 and then click the ‘Join League’ button

Or here’s the auto-join link.

World Soccer Talk has been running a fantasy league for several years. As a result, our private league is one of the most popular in the United States with several thousand participants.

If you’re new to Fantasy Premier League, read our FPL how to article from last season.

Also, you may want to consider joining your nearest Premier League Supporters Group in the United States.

Play the World Cup Predictor

Similarly, while it’s not a fantasy football game, play the World Cup Predictor from World Soccer Talk. Use your soccer knowledge to predict the scores of all of the Group stage games. And then our Predictor shows you the path to the World Cup final. You can see who plays whom in the Knockout stage, all the way to the final game.