World Soccer Talk® invites you to predict the winner of Qatar 2022 with our World Cup winner prediction tool. We’re calling it World Cup Predictor.

One of the magical aspects of the FIFA World Cup is the ability to dream. Before a tournament happens, soccer fans around the world often imagine how incredible it would be to see their country go all the way to the final, and win it. Accordingly, the path to the final can be a cumbersome journey for both player and fan. Part of the issue is that there are so many games. For the Group stage alone, there are 46 matches.

To predict the winner, you first have to predict the results of the games. You could use a pen and paper, as well as a calculator. Or you could spend a couple of hours creating a spreadsheet to determine all of the possibilities. Or you could ask an octopus.

But we have a better option. It’s a free and easy-to-use World Cup Predictor.

World Cup winner prediction: The path to the final

Created for soccer fans around the world, World Cup Predictor works by having you enter your predictions of each game in the Group stage. It then automatically tabulates the Group stage standings, and shows you visually the two teams that qualify out of each group.

Better yet, it then shows you which teams play each other in the Knockout stage. Then you can quickly visualize the path from the Round of 16 all the way to the World Cup Final.

Predicting which countries may play each other in the Knockout stage of the World Cup is a fun exercise. Finishing first or second in the Group stage has a dramatic impact on who a country plays next if it advances. It can greatly effect your World Cup winner prediction.

Take the World Cup Predictor for a whirl. We hope you find it as much fun as we do.