Our brand-new World Cup 2022 Hub features all things news and notes regarding the world’s biggest sporting event. It could be a bracket, an opinion piece or the latest news from the World Cup.

There are a number of features for users and fans to take advantage of in anticipation of Qatar 2022. Mirroring the homepage of World Soccer Talk, the World Cup Hub takes all the news for the tournament and puts it in one place. Plus, there is a special location for opinions and analysis outside of hard facts.

To find the World Cup 2022 Hub, click the link in the navigation at the top of the page.

The stories and articles do not necessarily focus on just the 2022 World Cup. Looking at some of the competition’s history, there are stories breaking down the most successful sides in the history of the World Cup. On an individual level, you can learn the player who scored the most goals over their careers at the World Cup.

That being said, World Soccer Talk continuously adds stories specific to certain clubs or certain players leading up to the World Cup. After all, this is likely the last World Cup to feature Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. While success at the World Cup eludes both, the World Cup Hub displays the significance of the competition in each player’s last dance.

World Cup 2022 Hub

Looking past stories, some fans just want to acquire more knowledge about how the World Cup works. In essence, who plays who and when are the biggest games. Fortunately, the World Cup Hub includes a full, detailed schedule of each game. For the fans who like to plan ahead, there is also a bracket that can be filled out. That includes each game in the group stage. Then, it lists out where the top two teams in each group would place should they advance.

There is also information on how to watch the 2022 World Cup in the United States. By now, most fans know that FOX holds the English-language rights to the men’s and women’s World Cup. However, there are always different providers or channels for the games. The World Cup Hub answers all questions regarding information on TV and streaming information.

From now through the World Cup, be sure to keep on returning for the latest World Cup news. You also may notice that the design of the World Cup section features a different look and feel for the tournament. And stay tuned for more World Cup surprises coming from us in the next few months.

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