Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed something different about their favorite streaming service this weekend. fuboTV’s FanView feature has been added to Premier League games.

fuboTV’s FanView feature is a new way to enhance the experience of watching your favorite team. It is completely voluntary. You can switch the feature on or off whenever you want. Accordingly, the default setting for FanView is off. So, it only appears when you toggle it on.

fubo’s FanView allows you to watch the game but enhances it by featuring useful data. For example, it lists the live stats for the game you’re watching. Subsequently, it lists the team line-ups as well as latest scores from other games. Equally important, you can select any of the other games listed to switch to them. So, in a way, FanView opens up a whole new way to navigate between the favorite games you want to watch. Moreover, it has games from different sports and leagues.

There is no additional charge for the feature.

Devices featuring fubo’s FanView

Streaming service fuboTV has been beta testing the feature for several months. Furthermore, in addition to team lineups, stats and scores, FanView also can feature quizzes and polls during games.

Now that it is out of beta, FanView is included in select games. In the meanwhile, the feature is available through fuboTV on the following devices. Firstly, you can find it on your web browser. Secondly, it is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku and Xbox One. Thirdly, it works on smart TVs from LG, Samsung and Vizio. More devices are added in the near future.

A key point to mention is that FanView is toggled with your remote control. You do not have to open another app. In short, the experience is very intuitive.

How to enable fuboTV’s FanView feature

To test out the FanView feature, you can access it in different ways. When watching a game on your browser, you will see the icon in the top right corner.

On a Roku, you can enable FanView by clicking your Roku remote’s ‘OK’ button and then pressing the ‘up’ button.

Similarly, on the Amazon Fire TV, press the button on the remote control and then click the ‘Up’ arrow to enable FanView.

As of press time, FanView is not available on Apple TV. However, Apple TV users can enable MultiView, which is not available on other devices.

Thus, once you have FanView enabled, you can use your remote control or mouse cursor to dive deeper. For instance, you can scroll up and down to see more statistics. You can also scroll through the other games happening to watch them or see the latest score. When polls and quizzes are available, you can interact with them too.

fuboTV’s FanView feature is available for many sports, not just Premier League soccer. Out of all of the different streaming services, fuboTV is the only one that offers FanView.

fuboTV is available as a free 7-day trial, which includes FanView.