The Disney Bundle offers seemingly unrivaled value. And, in a market as deep as soccer streaming, the bundle now seems essential.

In present times, streaming services dominate the soccer market. Consequentially, that often means purchasing multiple subscriptions to quench our thirsts for European soccer.

One of those programs comes through ESPN+, which offers an array of leagues for U.S. viewers.

However, ESPN, part of the Disney family of services, is now part of a bundle to save money for the whole family.

The Disney Bundle provides access to three paid-services: Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. The great thing about the Disney Bundle is the amount of soccer provided in its coverage. ESPN’s emergence as a premier soccer carrier in the United States makes its acquisition almost essential.

The bundle comes in at a base price of $13.99. Admittedly, it is roughly double the price as ESPN+ on its own. Still, the value involved in the $13.99 price tag is hard to match. And depending on what type of Netflix account you have, getting three services through the Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+) can be more enticing than what Netflix offers.

Disney+ provides all the classic programs Disney produces. Next, Hulu allows subscribers to watch and stream thousands of TV shows or movies. Finally, ESPN+ provides live coverage of domestic and international sports. For many, the Disney Bundle is essential for soccer fans, both casual and passionate. The programs through Disney+ and Hulu only make the deal that much sweeter.

Disney Bundle includes ESPN+, a must-have for soccer

Passionate fans understand how hard it is to keep track of what soccer games are on. An in-depth schedule of each day’s games helps to keep track of what is on. But, even then, some games require specialized subscriptions.

ESPN+’s commitment to soccer is now an essential piece of a soccer fan’s subscriptions. The amount of content pushed out or streamed by ESPN+ includes leagues and competitions from around the world.

The most notable leagues aired exclusively on ESPN+ include LaLiga, Bundesliga, Championship and MLS. Also, tournaments such as the International Champions Cup and the FA Cup use ESPN+ as their homes in the United States.

With soccer’s growth in the United States combined with the development of streaming services, ESPN brought soccer to the front of their plans. Now, we see soccer games on broadcast television through ESPN, with all games appearing on ESPN+.

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Beyond live streams of games, ESPN also uses their subscription-service to air their studio shows. Among these shows, ESPN FC whips around with analysis of major news and events from around the world.

Another added bonus with ESPN+ is how it has more than soccer. Yes, we would be hard-pressed to find a sport better than the beautiful game. Still, ESPN+ has exclusive coverage of the NHL, PGA Tour, Tennis grand slams and UFC and Boxing fights.

Access to additional content

If you are solely a fan of sports, then it seems impractical to get the Disney Bundle. However, this is not the case.

The wealth of other content available in the bundle makes it too easy to subscribe to. And, what is even better, is the money saved.

Broken down, ESPN+ is available on its own for $6.99. Next, Hulu’s base price is set at $5.99. Then, Disney+ comes in at $7.99. In total, if one wanted all three of these services, it would be $20.97 for the base rate. That is an easy $7 saved per month.


To start, Hulu provides content in the form of TV shows and movies. The provider also creates original content not seen anywhere else on the market.

Hulu, both in the Disney Bundle and on its own, can be upgraded to also carry live TV. Yet, this comes at a significant jump in price. It is over $50 to include the live TV portion of what Hulu provides. That will provide access to news, live shows and some other sports not on ESPN+.

For the sports fans, ESPN+ has their games appear on the Hulu homepage. This helpful integration allows you to easily track what events are happening when you decide what to watch.


The Disney Bundle obviously includes Disney+, the additional service that features movies and shows from the media mogul. Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney’s array of classic movies dominate Disney+.

As is the case with Hulu and other content providers, Disney+ concentrates much of its distribution around exclusive shows and movies. Shows like Loki or the Mandalorian exist only on Disney+. Also, movies including Hamilton are available through the service.

For $13.99/month, it is hard argue the value available in the Disney Bundle. Even if you do not see yourself as a major TV-show-watcher or a movie fan, the reduced costs in the bundle make the opportunity low-risk.