Hulu subscribers can now access live and on-demand content from ESPN+ directly from within the Hulu app, as long as you’re also a subscriber to ESPN+.

The integration of ESPN+ into Hulu is all about creating a seamless experience, making live sports easier for Hulu subscribers to access than ever before. It’s also about encouraging Hulu subscribers — currently numbering 39 million — to upgrade to add ESPN+. Subscribers to The Disney Bundle (Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu) will automatically have access to ESPN+ content integrated into their Hulu experience, starting today.

For soccer fans, the quantity and quality of coverage already available on ESPN+ is well known with the Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS and several other leagues being featured. ESPN+ also includes golf (coverage from the PGA Tour, Players Championship, The Masters and PGA Championship), MLB, Top Rank Boxing, Grand Slam tennis, international and domestic rugby and cricket, and more.

If you’re an ESPN+ subscriber who wants to add Hulu, or if you subscribe to Hulu but want to add ESPN+, it’s easy to do that. Another option to consider is to upgrade to the Disney+ Bundle, which includes ESPN+ and Hulu and Disney+ for the current rate of $12.99 per month.