As many soccer clubs have different kits every season, there are a ton of new options when looking for the best shirt in the sport. Below is our list of the best soccer shirts for 2020/21 season. No national team jerseys will be included (although Ghana’s new away kit would be near the top). Adidas and Nike tied with the most picks in this particular list with six each.

Drumroll, please. Here they are…

Top 20 soccer shirts for 2020/21

20. Flamengo third shirt (Adidas)

Flemengo, officially known as Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, traditionally wear thick stripes of red and white on their home jerseys. These, however, are a little more unique with a black base and five thin painted red stripes.

19. Southampton Home shirt (Under Armour)

The South Coast club threw it back to 1885 with the re-introduction of the white ‘sash’ stripe over a mostly red shirt. Although Southampton players wore a physical white sash over their jerseys back then, it’s now just part of the actual shirt.

18. Wolfsburg away shirt (Nike)

Mostly black with lime green and white accents, the Bundesliga club’s away shirt is clean, but unique at the same time. The simplistic Volkswagen logo definitely helps as well.

17. Pumas home shirt (Nike)

Much like Wolfsburg’s sponsor logo looking great on their jersey, Pumas’ actual team logo is what makes this shirt look so good. A giant puma face in navy blue covers the mostly white jersey.

16. Inter Miami home shirt (Adidas)

Most of Adidas’ MLS jerseys look a bit strange with the three stripes over the right shoulder. These, however, look extremely clean in white/clear pink (along with their lovely logo).

15. Leeds United home shirt (Adidas)

You can never really go wrong with an all white soccer kit. First introduced with the team in 1961, after initially wearing blue/white striped shirts, Leeds have stuck with the all white home jerseys. The Adidas logos on the shoulders also compliment the solid shirts extremely well.

14. Sampdoria home shirt (Macron)

Sampdoria usually have fantastic kits. The mostly blue shirt with red, black, and white horizontal stripes along the lower chest looks amazing. Their unique logo and crest both on the jersey is also a nice touch.

13. Hertha Berlin home shirt (Nike)

Getting their colors over 100 years ago from a steamship with a blue and white smokestack, this Hertha home jersey is gorgeous. The thin black outlining on one side of the blue stripes and the very simple team logo really makes the colors pop.

12. New Mexico United home shirt (Puma)

This shirt is basically all about the sponsor logo. Meow Wolf, Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company, has one of the best logos for a soccer jersey. The colorful neon lettering over a black base looks stunning.

11. Valencia third shirt (Puma)

Inspired by the Valencia-born painter Joaquin Sorolla, these shirts are supposed to resemble the Spanish sky and water. Mostly light blue with some white added in, these jerseys are both gorgeous and unique.

10. Juventus away shirt (Adidas)

Another jersey supposedly inspired by art, the Juventus away shirt is dark indigo with silver accents. This clean design features unique sleeve details that represent the unity of the sport and modern art.

9. Barcelona away shirt (Nike)

Entirely black and metallic gold, the Barcelona away jersey (the entire kit really) is immaculate. Even the Spanish club’s normally colorful crest is redone in the entirely black and gold theme.

8. Genoa away shirt (Kappa)

Another clean, but different look, the Genoa away shirt is mostly white with a large dark blue/red stripe down the center. The team’s crest and the Kappa Omini logos down the shoulders also make this jersey very unique.

7. Arsenal third shirt (Adidas)

Meant to represent the night sky on match nights at the Emirates Stadium, the shirt is mainly dark blue with light orange lettering. Distinctive and modern, this third jersey looks great.

6. Rangers away shirt (Castore)

Although many people may not even know what Castore is, the premium sportswear brand made some beautiful kits for Rangers this season. The away jersey is mostly white with navy and red accents around the sleeves and shoulders.

5. Inter Milan home shirt (Nike)

A post-modern twist on a classic. Nike tweaked the team’s normal blue and black vertical stripes with a zig-zag pattern. Perhaps a little jarring at first, Inter’s new home kit is striking.

4. Chivas home shirt (Puma)

At first glance it may just seem like a normal Chivas home jersey. However, a closer look shows intricate design details inside the red stripes of the shirt. The red/white/blue stripes along the sleeves and collar are also very appealing.

3. Lyon home shirt (Adidas)

Somewhat similar to a few other Adidas jerseys on this list, the Lyon home shirt, however, is a bit more unique. An all white base along with alternating red or blue sleeve/shoulders colors really makes this particular jersey stand out.

2. Marseille away shirt (Puma)

This jersey is all about the details. Mostly dark blue with lighter blue accents, the print on these shirts is supposed to resemble the Marseille streets. It’s a fantastic idea that was certainly executed well.

1. Roma away shirt (Nike)

Fairly easy choice for this list. The Roma away jersey is perfect. An off-white color base with maroon and yellow accents on the collar, this shirt definitely gives off 80’s vibes. The club’s alternate logo is also a great touch.