Along with providing access to many live Premier League matches, Peacock also streams the Premier League TV channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The channel provides a plethora of different programs dedicated to all things Premier League. Shows range from talk, analysis, interview, documentary, fantasy, and more. Trying to select the top 5 best shows on Peacock’s Premier League TV channel isn’t an easy task since many of them are so good, but here’s my perspective.

While there is plenty of solid programming on the channel, these five are my personal favorites.

5. Fantasy Premier League

Nearly seven million fans play fantasy Premier League on the official website. This show is practically a must-watch for fantasy owners. Airing on Thursdays at 2PM (ET), the hour long show recaps previous matches in the fantasy world, previews the week ahead, and debates player values looking forward.

As a fantasy owner, deciding between two specific players can be the toughest decision; however, the expert panel also analyzes certain players head-to-head to help you make the best decisions with your team.

4. The Big Interview

Also streamed on Thursdays (9:30AM ET), this show is fairly self-explanatory. The host interviews a certain Premier League star for 30 minutes each week. While an interview show may not exactly be groundbreaking, The Big Interview is not just your average question and answer show.

Southampton’s Danny Ings was the special guest this time around and viewers found out some interesting things about the striker’s career. Ings revealed that he previously went on trial at Chelsea and was even told as a youngster that he was too small to make it. Not surfaced nor gimmicky, The Big Interview asks interesting questions to some of the best players in the league.

3. The Kelly & Wrighty Show

Yet another Thursday program (8AM ET), this show features hosts Kelly Cates and Arsenal legend Ian Wright. Set in studio, Kelly and Ian bring in special guests each week to discuss the Premier League’s biggest news stories.

What makes this particular show so enjoyable, besides the duo’s great personalities, is the fact that they and their guests have thoughtful discussions without the screaming or yelling. The Kelly & Wrighty Show is also perfect to have on at work (if possible) or while getting ready for your day.

2. The Analysis Show

Tuesdays at 8AM (ET), this show breaks down the biggest moments of the previous matchweek with in-depth analysis. A 90-minute program, The Analysis Show features Tim Sherwood and Leroy Rosenior. Sherwood, a former Spurs manager, intensely breaks down tactics, positioning, and particular moments (big and small) during important matches from the weekend.

The Analysis Show also mixes in fan questions and video clip analysis performed by Leroy Rosenior (probably my favorite personality on the network). Although the hosts do tend to talk over each other at times, it is an extremely interesting watch for people that enjoy discussing x’s and o’s.

1. Premier League 100

Sandwiched between programs on Wednesday mornings at 9:30AM (ET), Premier League 100 is a 30-minute documentary series profiling the most prolific goalscorers in Premier League history. Beautifully done, these short docs tell the story of these players from the start of their careers to the height of their popularity.

The Robin van Persie episode was particularly interesting. The former Arsenal and Manchester United forward recalls practicing that volley versus Charlton from 2006 with friends in his home pool, as well as his decision to leave the Gunners for United. Premier League 100 is also a fantastic way for youngsters to learn about the former greats of the game.


To find the Premier League TV Channel on Peacock, sign up for Peacock Premium. Once you’ve set up your account, look under the ‘Channels’ option on the far left of the screen and then scroll down until you see the Premier League TV listed.

For a comprehensive guide to all of the programs Premier League TV streams on Peacock, check out our updated schedule.

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