What it’ll take for Liverpool to win the Premier League

Liverpool are in the thick of a thrilling title race that could see them win their first Premier League title, so what will it take for them to become champions of England?

Liverpool need Manchester City to slip up

While it’s easier said than done, Liverpool will need Manchester City to slip up. There is no doubt that Liverpool have a quality squad stacked full of stars, but Manchester City have a better one with greater depth. Liverpool may have a potent front three in Salah, Firmino and Mane but City have at least six players of similar or better quality. City have much more strength in depth than Liverpool do, and can cover for any injuries and crises that may occur. Whereas Jurgen Klopp desperately requires his players to remain injury free, and any loss to his side would hugely handicap his team.

Additionally, many of City’s players are serial winners with trophy-winning resumes, but few of Liverpool’s players have won a serious trophy. City have developed a winning culture, and have recruited players with ambition and pedigree. On the other hand, James Milner is Liverpool’s sole Premier League winning player. Sport can often transcend statistics, history and form but in this case, those factors will be difficult to disregard. The odds are firmly in favor of Manchester City, and it is hard to see the Premier League trophy anywhere else than in their hands at the end of the season.

Liverpool need their stars to stay on form

If Liverpool are to win the Premier League this season, they will need a slice of good fortune. Not only will they need Manchester City to inexplicably slip-up, but they themselves will need to keep their players fit and in form. They must protect Salah, Mane and Firmino from injury and they must keep Virgil van Dijk suspension free. Those four men are the mainstays of the Liverpool side, and without them Liverpool will struggle to win a simple game. In order to keep their stars healthy and free from suspension, it may be good for Liverpool to drop out from the UEFA Champions League. Manchester City have their attention divided; they are in the Champions League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup and are fighting for the Premier League; thus if Liverpool focus solely on the Premier League it could massively aid them. Liverpool will be playing far fewer games than their rival and will have more time to prepare and recover from those games. As Liverpool have a smaller squad of less quality than City, it is evident that playing fewer games will level the playing field and increase the chances that they will have a fit and healthy squad.

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I am not convinced that Liverpool can claim the title, but if they do it may begin a new age for the club. A title win could transform the confidence of the players and catapult the team back towards the heights of yesteryear. A Premier League win would establish Jurgen Klopp as a Premier League legend and would place his players in the history books. More than anything it could affirm Liverpool’s revival and set them at the height of the British game for years to come.


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