Dortmund ready to sell, but should Pulisic stay in Germany?

The news that Borussia Dortmund are willing to strike a £70 million deal with Chelsea or Liverpool for Christian Pulisic is the latest staggering development in the career of one of Europe’s most prodigious talents.

The two Premier League clubs have a long-standing interest in the United States international, although Paris Saint-Germain are also known to be keen to acquire his services.

Dortmund have insisted that Pulisic will not be allowed to leave in January, but they are prepared to negotiate a deal for a summer move if their financial demands are met.

With his contract set to expire in June 2020 these are interesting times for Pulisic, but is a move elsewhere the right thing for him at this stage of his career?

German media outlet DW Kick off recently retraced Pulisic’s journey from the USA to the Bundesliga, speaking to former coaches, teachers and teammates to find out more about the exciting forward.

Many people have argued that Pulisic is already the country’s best football player ever, but whether he can live up to those lofty claims is open to debate.

Pulisic has scored 15 goals and created 24 more in 110 appearances for Dortmund, but his form has suffered at times as speculation about his future has increased.

While a big-money move may suit Dortmund’s needs, it is questionable whether it would benefit Pulisic at this stage of his career.

Another season in the Bundesliga would give him the opportunity to further develop his talents away from the pressures he would find in the Premier League or in Paris.

Despite his undoubted talent he may find it difficult to secure a starting role elsewhere and that could have a major impact on his progression.

Sticking with Dortmund until his contract expires would give Pulisic greater negotiating power to secure a substantial signing-on fee as Europe’s top clubs fight for his services.

Assuming he can keep producing the goods for Dortmund between now and the summer of 2020, he would probably have a greater number of clubs to choose from at that point.

With his popularity in the USA assured, Pulisic would not only be a great signing from a playing perspective, but he would also be a hugely marketable asset for whichever club he eventually joins.

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