Creating the ultimate soccer league with best attributes from leagues around world

What if you could combine the best parts of soccer leagues from around the world, and turn them into one league that, on paper, would be the ultimate soccer league? Writer Greg McKay lets us inside to see what it would look like.

Super clubs dominate European leagues. Fans of smaller teams in those leagues will feel more strongly about borrowing the concept of a salary cap. Though you will not find agreement on what is the best league in the world, most soccer fans hold strong opinions about what their favorite league lacks as compared with other leagues around the world.

While the structure of leagues develop for a variety of historical and economic reasons. I have assembled best practices in four key areas from leagues around the world. My efforts are to create the ultimate soccer league.


Depending on the number of teams in the league, my ultimate soccer league will have playoffs. The best 4-8 teams at the end of the season will determine who wins the league title.

European leagues have history and tradition. The model of regular season results providing seeding for a do-or-die postseason has several benefits over the European, points-driven model.

Late season drama in a post-season knockout competition is severely lacking when you have runaway leaders of leagues. It would certainly add excitement to current league races. In England and Scotland, for example, top teams will get one more bite at the apple to take home the title.

Though soccer purists may argue that the league table provides the most accurate measure of the “best” team, you only need to look at Manchester City’s recent result against Liverpool to question whether they are, in fact, the best team in England.

Promotion / Relegation

Ask any Major League Soccer fan what the league could do to improve. They will likely chew your ear off with why promotion/relegation would be a welcome addition to U.S. professional soccer.

The ultimate soccer league and its lower level leagues would provide for a system of the top/bottom 2-3 teams to be promoted and relegated between divisions.

In regards to integration of lower level leagues, the European soccer structure is far superior to the U.S. The promotion/relegation system provides excitement at the top and bottom of each league and year-to-year change in terms of the teams that play each other.

With the title race all but over in England, I for one can’t wait to see a team like Southampton claw its way out of the relegation zone or Huddersfield Town secure survival. No doubt the celebrations will put the title winning parade in Manchester to shame.

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