6 reasons to keep watching the Premier League in April: Arsenal Edition

Editor’s note: We take a look at the best reasons to continue watching the Premier League in the month of April. Even though your team isn’t winning the league title, or could be going down, Rebecca Searleman takes a stab at keeping your interest with Arsenal at the core of her fan apathy.

1. Are we there yet?

Manchester City may win the League against Manchester United on April 7. The outcome has been clear since November; however, the matter of when and to whom has remained a lingering mystery.

For the Arsenal fan, the prospect of Pep Guardiola and the Cityzens pulling off their victory against United will provoke maximum Mourinho fury. As well as a post-match press conference for the ages. For neutrals, one can admire how Guardiola has succeeded in improving the performance of every player on his roster.

Leroy Sane, for example, proves a risky and unproductive presence in the left offensive attack. He is most frequently deployed as a low-impact substitute when in a German jersey. But in a City jersey, his incisive runs and pinpoint passing have made him one of the most exciting young players in the League.

2. Can City win the title against Spurs?

Manchester City may win the League against Tottenham on April 14. While Sir Totteringham’s Day has been cancelled for the second consecutive year, Pep & Co. clinching the League at the Spurs’ temporary home is sure to inspire devilish glee in every Gunner’s blackened heart.

3. Mourinho and Carvalhal

The prospect of Jose Mourinho and Carlos Carvalhal going on the road as a standup act during the Summer. Still love football but can’t bring yourself to watch the USMNT-less World Cup in Russia?

Then opt to delight in the awkward-warm-awkward-teasing-awkward interplay by the Swans’ manager and his “dear” friend from the “good old days.”

4. The West Ham Team/Supporters RomCom

Will they or won’t they? This new release kicked-off with the West Ham skipper -appropriately named Noble- chucking invading Supporters off the pitch during play. Act II began with a Mario goal, an injury to Antonio and an Arnatovic brace against Southampton. They were blowing bubbles through the wazoo to close out March. With fixtures against Chelsea, Stoke City and Arsenal in the coming weeks, can this rekindled romance survive?

Spoiler alert: both Stoke and West Brom have beaten Arsenal this season, so love could reign supreme on April 22…for the Hammers.

5. There’s still Europa League

Our intrepid not-so-young youngsters venture to the heart of Russia to face CSKA Moscow to bat the pierogies around…or something. Europa League is now the Gunners’ only avenue back to Champions League, and our prediction is that they will prevail 1-0 in Moscow. Only to lose 0-1 at the Emirates, and yet prevail in a penalty shoot-out clinched by late substitute and true youngster, Eddie Nketiah.

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