Ex-South American soccer boss watches FIFA trial from afar

The alleged bribes are considered as commissions in South America because the money involved was a transaction between private individuals, he added. It’s only an offense if they are paid to a public body or to a civil servant, the lawyer said.

– Support for Qatar –

CONMEBOL has filed its own suit against Leoz for breach of trust, criminal association and money laundering. 

“CONMEBOL carried out an audit, which highlighted transfers of more than 110 million dollars from CONMEBOL to accounts held by Nicolas Leoz, validated by the executive committee, without supporting documents,” the South American soccer body’s lawyer Osvaldo Granada told AFP.

“The sums were received on his personal accounts, then transferred to companies in the United States,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the Paraguayan justice has delayed the investigations.”

The association is also pressing charges against Leoz’s successor, Figueredo.

According to FIFA, Leoz is also one of several officials suspected of receiving bribes to support the Qatar’s successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

In Asuncion, the father of our lives with his second wife, a Colombian half his age, in the exclusive Villa Mora district. 

A journalist by training, he ran Paraguay’s Libertad football club in the 1970s. They play their home games at the “Estadio Nicolas Leoz”.

In that era, said CONMEBOL’s new president Alejandro Dominguez, “the objective was money and football was a means to obtain it.”

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