Sling Blue cheatsheet now available for download, answers questions about streaming service

Out of all of the legal streaming services available in the United States, Sling Blue is one of the most appealing to sports fans because it offers NBC Sports and FOX Sports in one package for $25/month.

Of course, the streaming package from Sling TV offers much more than just those two networks. In fact, it offers so many different channels and options to consider that it can sometimes appear confusing.

That’s why we have published a Sling Blue cheatsheet that describes everything that’s included with the streaming service, as well as including all of the other important details such as what apps it can authenticate with, whether a DVR is included, what add-on options are available, as well as the latest special offers.

Whether you’re considering cutting the cable or satellite cord and switching to streaming, or want to see what other streaming providers offer, the Sling Blue viewing guide is highly recommended.

It’s available for free, and we’ve purposely kept it to one page of information to deliver all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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