On Sunday’s MLS broadcast that was televised live on FS1, leading US Men’s National Team analyst Alexi Lalas gave a stirring two-minute speech that championed the status quo in US Soccer.

Lalas defended Sunil Gulati and the US Soccer Federation. “No one person has the answers,” said Lalas. “Sunil Gulati doesn’t.” He continued, “[The system we built] is better than anything we’ve ever had before.

“We don’t need to tear it down and start it over. The system did not lose the game against Trinidad.”

Regarding change, Lalas concluded, “I hope that it’s change that builds on the past while building a better future.”

The contrast between Lalas’ two minute prepared statement compared to Taylor Twellman, who spoke from the heart and without a script last week when he shared his honest feelings about the US World Cup disaster, was glaring.

Here’s the video: