On the heels of NBC’s Premier League Pass and ESPN announcing its own paid streaming service, Turner Sports will launch a new, online paid-subscription service beginning in the summer of 2018 to broadcast the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League rights that it owns.

The net result to soccer fans is that more than 80% of the UEFA Champions League and Europa Leagues games will only be available via a paid subscription model

Turner’s rights deal for the Champions League and Europa League begins in August, 2018 and runs through 2021.

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Under Turner’s plans, approximately 60 of the 340 Champions League each season will air on truTV, as we predicted in March. That includes, for the Champions League, two matches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (at 1pm and 3pm ET each Tues/Weds). Then once the competitions advance to the knockout stages in February, Turner will televise two matches a week on truTV, one each on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The semi-finals and finals of the Champions League will air on TNT or TBS. The final of the Europa League will air on TNT or TBS.

That means that the other 280 matches will not air on TV and soccer fans will need to, as we predicted in May, subscribe to a paid-subscription streaming service from Turner Sports.