Brad Friedel discusses his broadcast career and what makes Mauricio Pochettino so special

The other thing is that they are going around to cities around the country, inner cities and areas where children aren’t as privileged and putting in astroturf and grass fields working with community centers, schools and other local institutions. It not only helps players have a place to play but also gives coaches a place to coach. Myself and Adolfo Rios have been able to go in and do clinics with the players and coaches and interacting with the teachers and school superintendents, things like that.

It’s been a very important project.

World Soccer Talk: As we develop the infrastructure in this country for this sport, how important is it that we get big corporate sponsorship like this that engages during the course of the year?

Brad Friedel: Anytime I can help out anywhere in the sport domestically from grassroots to the professional game, I am willing to do it. I’m currently the U-19 coach with the (US Men’s) National Team and spent four years coaching in the Tottenham academy and anytime someone is willing to invest in the grassroots of the game and promote enjoyment of the game I am all for it.


Brad Friedel along with Adolfo Rios is working with Allstate a CONCACAF Gold Cup sponsor ahead of Wednesday’s final between the US and Jamaica on a unique grassroots project. In the Bay Area, Allstate is working to repair grass, replace goals, install benches and more at Pinto Lake County Park for local youth soccer players. Following the refurbishment, local players from Aztecas Youth Soccer Academy will be invited to test out their new upgraded facilities during a special goalkeeping clinic hosted by Brad Friedel and Adolfo Rios.

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