The whirlwind adventures of the NASL’s Dallas Tornado: Memories with footballer Jan Book

JB: It’s very hard to do in three words only. Many of us had different answers; here are some examples of what the guys said:

“Let’s go again!”
“Unbelievable! Amazing! Brilliant!”
“A lifelong lesson”
“Band of Brothers”
“Living the dream”

WST: Throughout this whole tour how did Bob Kap handle everything? It must have been stressful. What did Lamar Hunt say to the Tornado upon the conclusion of this epic journey?

JB: Mr. Kap did an unbelievable job in guiding a group of young single guys, around the world all by himself without any major incidents, even though it must have been stressful at times for him. He did a fantastic job. The responsibility he must have felt, not only to win soccer games, but also to keep us safe.

At times, he was like a father: a strong disciplinarian, a teacher, a general manager, a doctor/ trainer. He was the BOSS!

Lamar Hunt who did not travel with us, but would meet up with us from time to time was extremely pleased with the way we had conducted ourselves. He had received several letters from the various embassies around the world, expressing their gratitude towards the impact of goodwill we had created in many countries.

He was very proud of us.

Even though Lamar (and all of us players) would have liked to win more games, he was still satisfied. His goals had been met. He had shown the world that soccer did indeed exist in the US. That an American team could be compatible and compete in soccer matches, all around the world. And…that guys from Texas were pretty “Good Ol’ Boys, after all.

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The Dallas Tornado (from left to right): ons Stoffels, Bobby Roach, Billy Crosbie, Odd Lindberg, John Stewart, Chris Bachofner, Jan Book, Mike Renshaw and Andy Faegri

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