Arsenal have an Olivier Giroud conundrum

These qualities are something that fellow Arsenal strikers Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck do not possess. Walcott is definitely more of a pacy winger than a main center forward, and Welbeck just isn’t a prolific goalscorer. In fact, the more respected Welbeck has scored a total of 10 Premier League goals in about 3,000 minutes during his three seasons with the Gunners. Compare this to Giroud’s 12 goals during his bit part 2016/17 season.

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Regardless of how he might be perceived, Giroud certainly has the qualities make a serious impact on a big club; however, the question remains: should he be leading a big club up front? In the ideal situation for the Gunners, Wenger would sign a top striker and then rely on Giroud in certain situations or in an accent role. The Frenchman is a perfect ‘super sub’ and would benefit practically any team in Europe.

However, with Giroud proclaiming his want for a more starting role, it does not look like this scenario is possible. Arsenal now have to decide what is best for their club. Either go with Giroud in more prominent role, or part ways with their striker and lose an important piece of their attacking puzzle.

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