USL leads the way with improved TV and digital coverage from USL Productions

But a big part of our growth is our relationship with ESPN. The relationship includes ESPN3 and ESPNU airing games, sometimes multiple games on ESPN platforms the same week, and we have more to announce this summer. ESPN is a big partner of ours now even on the digital level. They have full access to our content and we’ve seen even in week one us becoming plays of the day on SportsCenter, both first and second. We also have furthered the partnership with more coverage of the league, which will eventually include individual team pages on the ESPNFC site.

World Soccer Talk: What’s next from USL Productions/Network?

Tom Veit: We’ll continue to look at digital space, and how to expand delivery from digital. We’ve had a great partner in YouTube for many years but will continue to look to expand our digital content. We want to develop a features unit much like NFL Films, and we will start to story tell. We have so many great teams, games, stars and history in this league, we need to tell those stories. Going into 2018, you’ll see us develop weekly shows, magazine programs, a features unit and more international distribution. We can take any game and broadcast it anywhere in the world in any language you want.

World Soccer Talk: You’ve got Didier Drogba, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright-Phillips and several other big names the English audience might be interested in tracking. Any feedback on interest from England in USL matches?

Tom Veit: Yes, even before they came. we had interest there because we are an international league and have had players from there. But now with the way we do the broadcasts and archive them in full digital, and our ability to distribute it effectively, it means that we are getting lots of inbound requests from around the world. We want to be able to manage that correctly and effectively. This has been a 24 month process and we have a five year plan beyond that to continue to grow. We want to make sure we have each step right and then launch the next steps as we continue to grow.

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