Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Brazil’s top prosecutor on Thursday urged the Supreme Court to re-incarcerate a star goalkeeper recently released after partially serving a sentence for the gruesome murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot asked the court to reverse an earlier ruling that freed Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza in February, pending an appeal against his 2013 sentence of 22 years prison for his role in the woman’s slaying.

The court was scheduled to meet on the issue on Tuesday.

Bruno, as he is universally known, had been incarcerated since 2010 for his role in the kidnapping, imprisonment and killing of model Eliza Samudio, who had sued him for child support after he got her pregnant.

Samudio’s body has never been found. Bruno admitted in court he had conspired with friends to kill her and that her body had been fed in pieces to dogs. 

He has never admitted to taking direct part in the grisly murder and subsequent disposal of the body, but he was convicted all the same.

In March, the star former keeper at top Rio de Janeiro club Flamengo, was signed up by second division team Boa Esporte in the south-eastern city of Varginha.

His quick reentry into the sport sparked fierce criticism and the exit of the club’s main sponsor.

Brazil is one of the world’s most violent countries. One in three women was attacked, threatened or harassed in the previous 12 months, according to a survey by Datafolha in March.