Shakespeare warns Leicester to beware sting in tale

“The world of football is a great business now, it employs an incredible amount of people, whether it be in the media or at the training grounds, and for that reason football is a big talking point.

“It was not difficult at all, I said and did all the things, prepared the players and did the same things we would do for any other game.”

But Moyes conceded his rock bottom side, now eight points from safety, face an almost impossible task to save themselves from relegation after back-to-back losses at Watford and Leicester.

“It’s tougher. I really felt that to give us a real chance we would have to win one of these two away games and they both were difficult on paper,” he said.

“What I didn’t put down was a win against a Manchester United or an Arsenal or Chelsea in our remaining fixtures so in my head I know have to win at least one of those games.”

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