Toulouse sack pellet gun attack pair

Toulouse (France) (AFP) – Toulouse have sacked two of their players who shot a man with a plastic pellet, the French topflight side’s president announced on Monday.

The victim told French TV he had been walking in Toulouse on February 11 when a car pulled up alongside him and a shot was fired, the pellet hitting him in the ear.

Teenage forward Odsonne Edouard was detained for questioning by police last week.

On-loan from Paris Saint-Germain the 19-year-old was identified from his car number plate on CCTV footage.

His teammate Mathieu Cafaro later stepped forward to admit being the one who fired the shot, Edouard’s lawyer said.

The incident has incensed their club.

“What Odsonne did is inadmissable, scandalous behaviour. For one he won’t play again for us and secondly we’re sending him back to Paris Saint-Germain,” Toulouse boss Olivier Sadran told RMC radio.

“He was with another player and he will be sacked too, it’s unspeakable,” added Sadran, without referring to Cafaro by name.

Edouard had told police that he was the sole occupant of the car, confessing to the shooting.

But 20-year-old midfielder Cafaro has since taken responsibility.

“He confessed to being the culprit in a letter to the club and the court in Toulouse,” Edouard’s lawyer Pierre Le Bonjour told AFP.

Edouard, who is out on bail ahead of a court appearance on June 13,, was top scorer at the 2015 under-17’s European Championships won by France.

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