How to watch soccer over-the-air with HD indoor TV antenna

If you’re a subscriber to Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW or the soon-to-be relaunched fuboTV, one of the biggest complaints is that you’re not able to watch the Premier League games on the NBC over-the-air network TV.

The same applies to the over-the-air FOX network. Both the NBC and FOX networks are only available in select cities (approximately 12 nationwide). If you don’t live in those select cities, you’re unable to watch live programming (reason being is because NBC and FOX can only show live programming via Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and fuboTV in those cities where NBC/FOX own the local affiliate TV station). Instead, you’re only able to get programming on next-day delay instead of live TV.

With the number of Premier League games in the Saturday 12:30-2:30pm ET timeslot on NBC increasing, that is an issue for concern. Thankfully, there is a very cost effective and easy-to-use alternative.

It’s called a HD indoor TV antenna.

If you’re a cord cutter, you can plug the HD antenna into your TV in order to watch not only the NBC and FOX over-the-air networks, but to also access anywhere from 20 to 40 other channels.

For the purposes of this review, I bought a Channel Master Ultra-thin Indoor TV Antenna from Amazon for $10.

Here’s what I found:

First, the Channel Master Ultra-thin Indoor TV Antenna comes in a thin package (shipping was $3.63) and includes a 6-foot cable as well as an instruction manual (which I didn’t need to use but it was helpful to have). The package also includes two-sided mounting tape so you can move the antenna and find the best location for a high quality signal. You can place the antenna to the inside of a nearby window or wall. The indoor TV antenna can be affixed to a downstairs or upstairs window or wall but windows work best.

As you can see from the image below, the ultra-thin antenna comes with a 6-foot cable to connect to your TV.

The 6-foot cable is a coaxial cable. If your TV or monitor is a very new one that doesn’t accept a coaxial cable, you can get an indoor TV antenna with a HDMI output instead.

The coaxial cable inserts into the TV Tuner in the back of your television set or monitor (see below).

Switch on your TV/monitor and then make sure that the source is selected for TV. This way, you can add your over-the-air TV channels to your TV, and then watch Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW or fuboTV via your HDMI connection (using a Roku, AppleTV or Amazon Fire stick). Or you can watch your over-the-air network TV with the indoor TV antenna, and then watch Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW or fuboTV via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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