Cosmos future assured after media tycoon takeover

“First order of business is to take care of all the employees that we may owe some money. You heard that from me and you can write it.”

Commisso would not be drawn on the possible prospect of the Cosmos eventually angling for a place in Major League Soccer. Asked if that was an ambition, he said: “That’s to be seen over time.

“But I know that I have the best brand in professional American soccer. Everybody knows about the Cosmos.”

Cosmos chief executive Erik Stover meanwhile admitted the Cosmos had faced a grim future in the weeks leading up to the new ownership deal as crisis engulfed the NASL.

“We had a difficult time. Players were cut, employees were furloughed and eventually laid off,” he said. “There were dire negotiations on a league level. I think a lot of credit has to go to the league for keeping the discussion going which gave us enough time for Rocco to appear. 

“It was thin ice for a while, but we’re looking forward to 2017 now.”

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