It’s time to pull back the curtain on the World Soccer Talk Podcast.

For those of you who are avid listeners of the podcast, you’ll know that the October 29th episode was the final one in its current format. That’s the same format we’ve been doing for a number of years, which is a Premier League review/analysis pod released on Sunday nights.

While successful, I felt it was time for a change.

Host Nipun Chopra and co-hosts Kris Heneage, Morgan Green and Kartik Krishnaiyer have been doing a fine job on the pod for many months. As well as running the World Soccer Talk site and podcast, I’ve been a loyal listener to the show in the 10 years that the podcast has been running. In that time, the show has had a variety of talent hosting and appearing on the pod, but as time has gone on, especially with World Soccer Talk’s change to focus more on the TV/streaming soccer media, I’ve felt that there’s been too much of a distance between what the podcast and the website do.

That’s why I’ve decided that next week, the World Soccer Talk Podcast will change format to focus on our core competency, which is talking about watching soccer on TV and online.

The reboot of the World Soccer Talk Podcast will focus on everything related to watching world soccer on TV, online and via apps. That’ll include topics such as NBC Sports, FOX, ESPN, Univision and beIN SPORTS, as well as PlayStation Vue, fuboTV, YipTV, DirecTV NOW, FOX Soccer 2GO, ESPN3, Sling TV and more. On top of that, we’ll bring you the latest news about the different ways to watch soccer on TV and online, as well as debating some of the hot topics of the week.

And that means, as the ‘world soccer’ name suggests, we’ll discuss leagues in addition to the Premier League. Any league is fair game.

But most importantly, we need your help. We want your questions, rants and or raves about watching soccer on TV and online. Whether that’s commentators, the way games are televised, questions that have always been on your mind but you haven’t had an opportunity to ask them, you name it. We want to make the show as interactive as possible, so please post your questions or comments in the section below (or e-mail them to, or tweet them to us at @wsoccertalk) and we’ll read them out on-air.

And last but not least, when I saw that “we will read them out on-air,” that means that I’ll be hosting the podcast again (for the first time since I launched it in 2006). And joining me will be the encyclopedia of soccer, the one and only Kartik Krishnaiyer.

Here’s to the first episode, which will be launched under the new format next week. I hope you’ll give us a try. And also share any and all questions or listener comments that you have. Cheers!