How to watch soccer games projected to your wall from a smartphone


I had a chance to demo new technology recently that blew my mind.

Watching as much soccer as I do and I’m sure you do too, the rate that technology is changing our viewing experience is progressing at a slow and steady pace. Many of us are watching more soccer via legal streams than we used to. We’re also watching a wider array of leagues, teams and competitions as the sport becomes more accessible than it ever has. And for many of us, nowadays we’re watching our soccer games across a wider array of devices other than just the television.

So I was pleasantly surprised last week to stumble across a technology that I wasn’t aware even existed. I hadn’t seen or heard of it, but the idea is novel and could be something that soccer fans, like you, can use.

It’s the ability to snap a small projector on to your smartphone so you can beam soccer streams from your phone to your wall in your home, dorm, office or anywhere you want.

For the purposes of the demo, I was streaming the recent game between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid via go90, which is the free streaming service from Verizon Wireless. Using the Moto Z Droid smartphone, which is the thinnest smartphone I’ve ever seen (it’s 0.2 inches thin, to be exact), I was able to snap the Moto Insta Share Projector on to the back of it (it snaps to the back with a magnet) and then project the Barca versus Atleti game to the wall next to me.

The streaming quality of the go90 service was nearly as good projected against the wall as the stream was on the smartphone. The projector, which is also pretty thin (0.43 inches) and doesn’t make the phone bulky when attached, has a kickstand so you can place it on a table or desk. The Moto Insta Share Projector also has settings so you can alter the brightness, keep smartphone notifications private (so they don’t interrupt the stream) as well as keystone settings so you can adjust the angle of the projection to make the image rectangular. With the keystone setting, you can set it to auto or adjust it manually.


Projecting the go90 stream of Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid to the wall using the Moto Insta Share Projector snap on.

By snapping a projector to the back of your smartphone, it completely opens up the uses when streaming games. Instead of having your friends or coworkers crowd around your smartphone to watch the game, you can project it to the wall or if you’re in an office conference room, to the projection screen (shhh, don’t tell your boss). All you need is the smartphone, projector add-on and a quality stream, and you’re all set. You can choose to stream the game on your mobile network (go90 doesn’t count against your data if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer), but a strong WiFi connection is preferred to get the best quality stream.

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