Athens (AFP) – An Athens prosecutor suggested Tuesday that shipping magnate and Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis be held in custody before he stands trial for his alleged involvement in the establishment of a criminal gang which fixed football matches.

Prosecutor Stamatis Daskalopoulos said that Marinakis, 49, violated an existing order that banned him from getting involved in football activities until his trial and thus should be taken into custody.

A court decision on Daskalopoulos’ proposals is expected within a few days.

Meanwhile, Marinakis lashed out at Daskalopoulos saying that his action “is directed against Olympiakos and my activity in the team’s progress.”

“The prosecutor’s proposal will be judged by the Athens Appeals Court in the coming months. I expect a fair judgment by an impartial, independent and free judiciary,” Marinakis said in a statement on the Olympiakos website.

Marinakis said that he would take legal action against Daskalopoulos as well as make a disciplinary report to the proper authorities.

The Olympiakos owner has recently made efforts to gain the majority shares of English club Notthingham Forest and over the weekend secured one of four national television licenses with a bid of 73 million euros ($82.1 million, £61.2 million).

Last year, Marinakis was ordered to post 200,000 euros bail and banned from participating in football related activities until a trial is held.

He faces charges for his alleged involvement in the establishment of a criminal gang which fixed matches between 2011 and 2013.

Marinakis has spent six years at the helm of Olympiakos. The Piraeus club have won the league title six seasons in a row.

Besides Marinakis, 27 other people have been recommended by Daskalopoulos to face trial, including former Hellenic Football Federation president Giorgos Sarris, former owners of clubs, referees and players.