Don’t expect this Premier League season to be as crazy as the last one

Does that mean Leicester’s title win has taken some of the joy out of what will be a fascinating season ahead? No, but what it does mean is that the Premier League’s trademark parity, or that any given week you can see something amazing, might be muted somewhat. That doesn’t mean that the soap opera style dramas that have defined the Premier League as the world’s most intriguing won’t be present, or feel as if they’re overpowering, but what could happen this year that would top Leicester City winning the Premier League?

The Premier League always serves up something crazy, and that won’t ever change. But even with it feels like the pendulum swinging back to the big boys, the drama and feeling that any given weekend anything can happen feels somehow a bit distant now. Leicester has forced us all to recalibrate what might constitute a shock in this league, and while the ride they took us on was amazing, we’re all going to start to feel the “consequences”, so to speak.

While the common narrative might be that we’re all in for the most wild Premier League season ever, it feels that the re-correction after last season might give us all a bit of whiplash.

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