The Premier League plans to allow halftime interviews with managers to some of its TV broadcasts this season, according to an executive at US sports broadcaster NBC.

“There are a couple of unique things that the Premier League are adding to enhance the coverage such as additional feeds and additional coverage from the game,” said NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Pierre Moossa, who is the lead soccer producer for NBC’s coverage of the Premier League.

“The Premier League is going to try to have manager interviews at halftime — not every match. And how it’s all going to work hasn’t been decided yet. It’s a norm in most American sports, but that’s a huge step.

“If you look to four years ago, the Premier League was experimenting with player interviews before the games. And there was a huge fight. The Premier League instituted it. And then three years later, Premier League player interviews is the norm.”

Not only is the Premier League planning on the occasional halftime interviews with managers, but the league is considering granting more access inside the stadiums.

“They’re also looking at giving pre-match dressing room access,” said Moossa in a phone interview with World Soccer Talk. “It could be simply a camera showing the dressing room beforehand. That’s such a sacred area. TV cameras are almost never allowed in there, but these are little baby steps to increase the access and to help give viewers a better glimpse behind the Prem.”

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The Premier League returns to NBC Sports this weekend with all 20 teams in action.