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Most-watched Copa America Centenario teams on US TV

For some, the country that has been the most-watched Copa America Centenario team on US television may be a surprise. It’s not, as you would expect, the United States as the host country.

Others won’t be surprised that it’s the Mexico national team that was the most popular Copa America Centenario team on US shores.

Based on our own research and the help from Sports TV Ratings, we’ve averaged the number of viewers per game across FOX Sports and Univision.

While Mexico leads the pack, some surprises include Brazil not making it into the top 10 most-watched teams. That’s partly due to their early exit in the tournament, but they also didn’t play games against high-profile teams such as Mexico, USA, Argentina, Chile or Colombia.

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Meanwhile, national teams for Venezuela, Jamaica, Paraguay and Ecuador benefitted from playing teams such as Argentina, Mexico and USA respectively.

Here are the most-watched teams in Copa America based on TV viewing audiences across the Univision and FOX networks:

Position Nation Viewership average
1 Mexico 6,087,750
2 USA 5,634,833
3 Argentina 5,289,333
4 Chile 4,863,167
5 Colombia 4,359,500
6 Venezuela 3,846,250
7 Jamaica 3,727,000
8 Uruguay 3,600,000
9 Paraguay 3,477,000
10 Ecuador 3,461,250
11 Brazil 3,367,000
12 Costa Rica 3,346,000
13 Peru 3,324,750
14 Haiti 2,376,333
15 Bolivia 2,178,333
16 Panama 2,110,000

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