Most-watched Copa America Centenario games on US TV


FOX Sports and Univision’s coverage of the 2016 Copa America averaged more than 4 million viewers per game, but which games were the most-watched during the entire 32 game tournament?

Based on our research plus the help of Sports TV Ratings, we’ve compiled the list of the top 32 most-watched games on US television. Not surprisingly, it was the final between Argentina and Chile that was the most-watched game with nearly 10 million viewers.

Here’s the list of the 32 games:

TeamsFOX viewing avg.Univision viewing avg.Total average
Argentina vs. Chile2,979,0006,800,0009,779,000
USA vs. Argentina3,290,0004,800,0008,090,000
Mexico vs. Chile1,102,0005,600,0006,702,000
Mexico vs. Jamaica779,0005,400,0006,179,000
Mexico vs. Venezuela763,0004,988,0005,751,000
Mexico vs. Uruguay619,0005,100,0005,719,000
USA vs. Ecuador2,132,0003,500,0005,632,000
USA vs. Colombia1,536,0003,900,0005,436,000
Colombia vs. Chile971,0004,000,0004,971,000
USA vs. Colombia1,670,0002,800,0004,470,000
USA vs. Paraguay2,061,0002,400,0004,461,000
Brazil vs. Peru879,0003,500,0004,379,000
Argentina vs. Venezuela1,035,0003,300,0004,335,000
Colombia vs. Peru734,0003,500,0004,234,000
USA vs. Costa Rica1,600,0002,500,0004,100,000
Argentina vs. Chile862,0002,900,0003,762,000
Argentina vs. Bolivia770,0002,800,0003,570,000
Colombia vs. Paraguay739,0002,800,0003,539,000
Colombia vs. Costa Rica407,0003,100,0003,507,000
Brazil vs. Ecuador598,0002,600,0003,198,000
Uruguay vs. Venezuela589,0002,100,0002,689,000
Jamaica vs. Venezuela710,0001,900,0002,610,000
Chile vs. Panama665,0001,900,0002,565,000
Ecuador vs. Peru148,0002,400,0002,548,000
Brazil vs. Haiti624,0001,900,0002,524,000
Ecuador vs. Haiti267,0002,200,0002,467,000
Costa Rica vs. Paraguay731,0001,700,0002,431,000
Uruguay vs. Jamaica392,0002,000,0002,392,000
Argentina vs. Panama1,150,0002,200,0002,200,000
Haiti vs. Peru138,0002,000,0002,138,000
Panama vs. Bolivia365,0001,200,0001,565,000
Chile vs. BoliviaNot disclosed1,400,0001,400,000

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