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FOX Sports averages 997k viewers for Copa America Centenario TV coverage

Buoyed by the successful run that the United States made to the semi-finals of the competition, FOX Sports’ coverage of Copa America Centenario averaged 997,300 viewers per game.

The most-watched game of Copa America Centenario for FOX Sports was the 3.29 million people who tuned in to see the United States play Argentina on Tuesday, June 21 from 9-11pm ET. If the USA had beaten Argentina, FOX Sports would have probably broken their record for the most-watched soccer game on FOX Sports 1. As it was, the USA lost 0-3 to Argentina. FOX Sports 1’s most-watched soccer game still stands as the 4.7 million who saw the USA women’s team against Colombia last summer in the Women’s World Cup.

Outside of the USA games, the most-watched Copa America game on FOX Sports was the Argentina-Chile final that averaged 2.997 million. FOX Sports’ average, meanwhile, excluding USA games was 745,167 viewers per match. In comparison, ESPN is averaging 815,705 viewers per game for Euro 2016 to date.

While FOX Sports’ average of 997,300 viewers per game is impressive for the network, it paled in comparison to Univision whose average was 3.1 million per game.

Here’s the viewing numbers for every Copa America Centenario game that was televised on FOX Sports this summer:

Teams Channel Viewing avg.
Game 1 USA vs. Colombia FS1 1,536,000
Game 2 Costa Rica vs. Paraguay FOX 731,000
Game 3 Haiti vs. Peru FS2 138,000
Game 4 Brazil vs. Ecuador FS1 598,000
Game 5 Jamaica vs. Venezuela FOX 710,000
Game 6 Mexico vs. Uruguay FS1 619,000
Game 7 Panama vs. Bolivia FS1 365,000
Game 8 Argentina vs. Chile FS1 862,000
Game 9 USA vs. Costa Rica FS1 1,600,000
Game 10 Colombia vs. Paraguay FS1 739,000
Game 11 Brazil vs. Haiti FS1 624,000
Game 12 Ecuador vs. Peru FS2 148,000
Game 13 Uruguay vs. Venezuela FS1 589,000
Game 14 Mexico vs. Jamaica FS1 779,000
Game 15 Chile vs. Bolivia FOX Not available
Game 16 Argentina vs. Panama FOX Not available
Game 17 USA vs. Paraguay FS1 2,061,000
Game 18 Colombia vs. Costa Rica FS2 407,000
Game 19 Ecuador vs. Haiti FS2 267,000
Game 20 Brazil vs. Peru FS1 879,000
Game 21 Mexico vs. Venezuela FS1 763,000
Game 22 Uruguay vs. Jamaica FS1 392,000
Game 23 Chile vs. Panama FS1 665,000
Game 24 Argentina vs. Bolivia FS1 770,000
Game 25 USA vs. Ecuador FS1 1,878,000
Game 26 Colombia vs. Peru FS1 734,000
Game 27 Argentina vs. Venezuela FX 1,035,000
Game 28 Mexico vs. Chile FX 1,102,000
Game 29 USA vs. Argentina FS1 3,290,000
Game 30 Colombia vs. Chile FS1 971,000
Game 31 USA vs. Colombia FX 1,670,000
Game 32 Argentina vs. Chile FS1 2,997,000

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