Who had soccer’s worst 2015?


The end of the Gregorian calendar year is a time when many publications, websites and blogs pull out their “best of” lists.  These are always fun to read because they provide a nostalgic look back on the year that was, but if you really think about, it these are sad articles.  The heroes we commemorate may have reached a high-point that can never be reached again.  Will the person who created that dress no one could tell the color of ever garner that much buzz again?  Probably not.

However, it’s those lists of the disasters, disappointments and disgraces that provide us with a glimmer of hope.  Those people who failed spectacularly in 2015 have a chance for redemption in 2016.  Maybe Jason Garrett can turn around the Dallas Cowboys.  Maybe Radio Shack’s brand can be resurrected online.  Maybe Jeb Bush can actually get votes in a Republican primary.

With that in mind, here is a list of some of the people, brands and personalities that had the worst 2015s.  Disagree?  Think I missed someone?  Share your thoughts in the comments or social media:

The Finalists



The tire company began a roughly $60 million shirt sponsorship with Chelsea this season only to see the club wearing its name become a tire-fire of a disaster.  Maybe not the best investment of funds.

Jurgen Klinsmann


That surprising World Cup runs seems like more than 18 months ago.  Despite a high-profile win over Germany, the US men’s national team has seemingly taken a few steps back.  His job may or may not be in danger, but the shine is definitely off the golden child.  Speaking of US Soccer …

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Sunil Gulati


Despite the women’s team winning the World Cup, the US soccer system had a rough year.  As mentioned above, the men’s team is stuck in neutral.  Meanwhile, some of Gulati’s business partners have been caught up in the FIFA scandal, and finally tough questions are beginning to be asked about what he knew when around some of these scandals.  Either he was incredibly naive or complicit, and neither is a positive for the man who is supposed to be improving the US’s standing in the soccer world.

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Bolton Wanderers fans


That Premier League time seems like eons ago.  The club barely avoided relegation to end last season and end the calendar year at the bottom of the Championship.  Their club is almost £180 million in debt, the bank has seized their assets and put a transfer freeze on the team, and the manager — widely acclaimed from his time in Celtic — has been struggling with a scandal in his personal life.  2016 may see brighter days ahead for these fans, but there will probably be a few more clouds before.

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