Three takeaways from Champions League’s Round of 16 draw


1. 2009 seems so long ago.

What’s so special about 2009? Well, 2008-09, to be precise. That was the last Champions League tournament where England qualified three teams for the semifinals, an achievement the Premier League had managed three years in a row. Though it’s fading into a blurry, irrelevant distance, there was a time when England was the defining power in Europe.

Now that dominance seems like a bygone era. In the six years since, England has sent only three teams to the Champions League’s final four: Manchester United once (2010-11), and Chelsea twice, including the year the Blues won their first European crown (2011-12).

Of the 24 spots in this decade’s semifinals, England has claimed one-in-eight. Spain has claimed 11; Germany: seven.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW: Arsenal handed Barcelona; Chelsea-PSG rematch.

Today’s draw won’t help matters. Arsenal, leading the Premier League coming out of the weekend, were handed defending champion Barcelona, considered by many to be the best team in the world. Chelsea, struggling to stay above the relegation zone at home, were given Paris Saint-Germain, a team whose lone defeat this season was a 1-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Manchester City were more fortunate, drawing Ukrainian champions Dynamo Kyiv, but two out of England’s three Champions League survivors are underdogs to reach the quarterfinals. Though kinder Europa League draws should help the country’s waning UEFA coefficient, England’s facing another disappointing spring in Europe.

2. Spain and Germany avoid each other.

Speaking of UEFA coefficients, Spain and Germany currently lead the table, maintaining solid grips on four Champions League spots. Perhaps remarkably, given the number of teams the countries have alive in Europe (seven and six, respectively), La Liga and Bundesliga sides managed to avoid each other in today’s draws. Even if a couple of the leagues’ teams are picked off in their next rounds, Spain and Germany should continue sprinting away from the field.

UEFA Country Coefficients11/1212/1313/1414/1515/16PtsClubs Alive

Germany only has two teams alive in Champions League, but both will be favored in the Round of 16, with Wolfsburg facing Gent while Bayern Munich deals with Juventus. In Europa League, though, the Bundesliga could see a couple of teams bow out. Bayer Leverkusen, so inconsistent throughout the season, were drawn against a Sporting CP side that leads the Portuguese league, while Augsburg will be underdogs against Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool. Borussia Dortmund may be the strongest team in UEFA’s second competition, but they’ll be tested by FC Porto, while rivals Schalke face a talented and dangerous Shakhtar Donetsk.

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