Old rules about foreign coaches may not apply to our new MLS

The key that fits the lock here: finding the right man for the specific job. Is he a builder? An organizer and taskmaster? A disciplinarian? A motivator? A tactician who can take what someone else has built and get them over the hump?

And there’s one more critical element: the man has to want the job.

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This is where it probably does pay to buy American. People raised through MLS want to be here. For lots of American coaches, a place like Chicago would be their dream job. That may or may not be the case with Paunovic; we’ll see.

Is it really the case with Vieira? Again, we’ll see … although it’s hard to imagine that someone revered in his playing days in France, England and Italy doesn’t have bigger ambition than whuppin’ the New England Revolution or Orlando City SC, etc.

If you’ve been around MLS a while, you probably remember the Gullit fiasco. Bottom line, his heart wasn’t in it. This was a weigh station, a stop en route to something “bigger and better,” apparently. There’s room for diversity in MLS, but not room for that kind of mess. Bold choices may reap pure gold – but there’s always someone willing to pawn off some fool’s gold, too.

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