Everton posted record turnover but still lost money during the 2014-15 season

Club chairman Bill Kenwright said:

“There is no more hard-working a manager in the land than the manager we have, no manager more determined to bring success to his football club, to bring silverware to his football club, to build a winning mentality and a winning team.

“Roberto’s mentality is resolute and relentless. This is what makes him such a remarkable man and a man I believe will definitely take the club forward.”

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Meanwhile, Elstone has stressed the club remain in discussions about funding for a new stadium he feels will be “the real springboard to greater things.” Everton have identified Walton Hall Park as the intended site of a new ground to replace Goodison Park, and Elstone said in the 2015 accounts document:

“A consistent feature throughout 2014-15 has been our work on Walton Hall Park, in partnership with Liverpool City Council.

“When offered the site, the club responded to a regeneration agenda with conviction, recognizing that we had an opportunity to not only find a solution to our search for a new stadium but also make a significant, lasting and much-needed difference to north Liverpool, the city and the region.

“Those objectives underpin our ambition today and we continue discussions with the Mayor and his officers to finalize a funding model that gives the scheme a fighting chance of success.

“The real springboard to greater things will be the new stadium. It’s why we will continue to work with determination and creativity to find the solution.”

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