Top 10 soccer podcasts

6. The 2 Robbies Show


A call-in show and a standalone podcast, you get some terrific analysis from Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle (and occasionally, from stand-in host, Kyle Martino). Robbie Mustoe is, in my opinion, currently among the best soccer TV pundit on American TV. The 2 Robbies Show is the best call-in show stateside and is increasing rapidly in listenership. While they dive into tactical areas, my favorite moments start with Mustoe asking Earle – “When you were a player, would you… “ (or vice-versa) – giving us a look into the psychology of professional footballers. The call-in show goes live on Sundays, whereas the stand-alone podcast goes live midweek.

5. The Football Ramble


Undoubtedly the funniest podcast on this list. The chemistry between the crew in undeniable and there’s definitely a feeling of “eavesdropping on friends talking about football”. They were recently added to a growing list of soccer programming on Sirius XM, and it is much deserved. I once described this podcast to a friend as “The Ricky Gervais Show” of football podcasts. It is entertaining, silly, irreverent, and yet Pete Donaldson might suddenly drop a Rene Descartes reference thrown in there; possibly while discussing Alan Pardew. Which one of the foursome is Karl Pilkington you ask? You’ll have to listen-in and decide for yourself. This podcast is usually available Sunday mornings.

4. World Soccer Talk


The boys are back in town. The current iteration of the World Soccer Talk Podcast is terrific – Richard Farley’s pointed questions and desire to stray away from clichéd conversation, Kartik Krishnaiyer’s amazing eidetic memory and impassioned analysis meshes perfectly with Laurence McKenna’s skepticism and disdain for what the media is usually discussing. If you are one of the growing members of the soccer community who is tired of lazy analysis and silly overreactions, and roll your eyes at what is trending on Twitter, this is the podcast for you. It is the first podcast I turn to for analysis of the weekend’s games. This podcast goes live on Sunday nights.

3. ESPN FC podcast


ESPN FC is the first podcast I listen to each morning. The podcast discusses big stories, as well as games from various leagues – with a focus on the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and La Liga. The analysis reflects key moments in games, as well as examining larger issues permeating clubs – managers, ownerships, etc. But, there is an entertaining quality as well. And the entertainment comes courtesy of the unpredictable Craig Burley. Burley is as likely to make a poignant argument about the failings of Chelsea, as he is to take a ridiculous Fernando-Torres-related-bet resulting in him getting a tattoo (it was fake, but still). Finally, because of their attachment to the behemoth that is ESPN, you get interviews with big-name players and managers. Check out Shaka Hislop’s insightful interview of Jose Mourinho, as an example. This podcast goes live every morning.

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