CONCACAF Cup: Tuca Ferretti’s legacy is at stake in Saturday’s playoff

Of course the legacy contest also could mean Ferretti goes down a legend. In the world of Mexican soccer, where even the managers with the most questionable records generally manage to find more new jobs than a stimulus package, Ferretti will be set as long as he pleases. His club record already means he won’t have trouble finding employment should he and Tigres part ways. If he leads Mexico to a rivalry win, he’ll be remembered even by directors as a top manager.

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For the fans, Ferretti will be the man who guided El Tri from a time of turmoil after Herrera’s firing fired into a time of triumph. The new manager, potentially but not officially Juan Carlos Osorio, will be held against the Ferretti standard – which, depending on the result of the Panama match, would be an undefeated tenure.

It isn’t fair to a coach that has done so much in the domestic game, but Ferretti will be forever remembered by the decisions he makes and how his team performs Saturday.

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