MultiMatch 90 is the best way to experience UEFA Champions League coverage on FOX Sports


MultiMatch 90 is a service FOX Sports hardly promotes, most people aren’t aware of and is hidden on FOX Soccer Plus (which many soccer fans can’t subscribe to) and FOX Soccer 2GO (which costs $20 per month).

However, despite the poor marketing efforts, MultiMatch 90 is the single best feature of FOX Sports’ entire soccer coverage.

If you’re not familiar with it, MultiMatch 90 is similar to the whiparounds that ESPN and NBCSN have done in the past for soccer where, instead of showing just one game, they hop from concurrent game to game as soon as a key moment in the match happens.

Hosted by the impeccable Ross Dyer, everything about MultiMatch 90 is perfect. As a soccer fan who has “no dog in the fight” (I’m a Swansea supporter, so during European competitions, I’m interested in seeing the best of the action throughout the games), it means that I’m usually not particularly interested in watching just one match. I want to see the best from all of them, as well as staying updated on the latest developments in games such as goals, yellow cards, etc.

If you’re a fan of Manchester United or another top club and your team is playing that day, then MultiMatch 90 may not be for you. But for those days when your favorite team isn’t playing, or if you’re a passionate soccer fan who loves the sport, this is an ideal service.

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From MultiMatch 90, I love the following features:

• Goal Alert: As soon as a goal goes in the net from any of the games, a ‘Goal Alert’ flashes on the bottom left of the screen. But it doesn’t tell you who scored. So within a minute, Dyer usually switches the broadcast to show a clip of that goal. Instead of giving a spoiler, Dyer will say something such as “Moments ago, the deadlock was broken…” as the action unfolds before your eyes, which adds to the excitement.

• Graphics: FOX Sports has done a brilliant job of presenting the games with the on-screen graphics. I particularly love how the flags unfurl from the top of the screen whenever the action shifts from one game to another. I also love the ‘Goal Alert’ graphic in the bottom left corner (and the resulting ‘GOLLLL’ soundbite is a wonderful bonus).

• Split screens. At times when free kicks or corner kicks are happening in concurrent games, you’ll often see two games on the TV at once (see above photo). 99% of the time, though, you’ll see one game before it switches to another one when an incident is about to happen or just happened.

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