Why US Soccer should consider eliminating designations for D1, D2 and D3

Major League Soccer has done an impressive job, in a business sense, of building its brand. In a designation-less pyramid, MLS could use its single-entity brand and enormous reach with sponsors to compete on its own terms in its own way with NASL, which advocates a more open, and laissez-faire approach to its league. The clear differences between leagues could be compared side by side. Eventually the market might dictate that NASL has no business expanding to larger markets or playing in substandard facilities while MLS attracts global superstars and top-dollar sponsorships. Or similarly the marketplace could decide they like the NASL with its smaller stadiums, more intimate atmosphere and more tactical approach to game management.

I am not necessarily an advocate for this point of view. However, as the discussion progresses on the standards written and imposed by the USSF with regards to pro leagues, I do believe this is a tact that should be at the very least debated. Unless we have promotion and relegation, perhaps the most objective and fairest way to let leagues and clubs be what they want to be is by eliminating the pro league division designations.

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