Zurich (AFP) – The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Monday that she expects more people will be charged as part of her office’s probe into graft at world football governing body FIFA.

“We do anticipate additional charges against individuals,” Lynch said of the investigation which has so far targeted 14 people.

She also expressed hope that the six FIFA executives still detained in Zurich would be extradited to the US to face trial.

Lynch added,

“To anyone who seeks to live in the past and to return soccer to the days of corruption and bribery, cronyism and patronage, this global response sends a clear message: you are on the wrong side of progress and do a disservice to the integrity of this wonderful sport.

“What I can say is that, separate and apart from the pending indictment, our investigation remains active and ongoing, and has in fact expanded since May. As I made clear at our initial announcement, the scope of our investigation is not limited, and we are following the evidence where it leads. I am grateful for the significant cooperation and substantial evidence that we have received from all quarters. Based upon that cooperation and new evidence, we anticipate pursuing additional charges against individuals and entities.”


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