USA 1-4 Brazil: Klinsmann delivers a new low for his USMNT [VIDEO]

The result, not the scoreline, against Brazil isn’t really that surprising. Even in a weakened state, Brazil have talent in droves compared to what Jurgen Klinsmann has at his disposal; this includes the quality players in MLS he’s deliberately overlooking. But schoolboy errors at the back, even from a makeshift back four, and playing footballers out of position for no good reason against a team that will punish you at every turn for making those decisions: that’s on the manager. And as per usual, Klinsmann won’t even hint that he’s made a mistake or take the fall for his players when things go wrong. Nothing is ever his fault.

The chorus is growing louder for Klinsmann’s head, but the time has not yet arrived for the guillotine on his job… yet.  The time has come to account for progress, which is something Klinsmann has promised from day one. If the US fails to qualify for the Confederations Cup, has any progress been made from 2011 to now? Even a win in that game feels like it will be papering over the cracks that are growing larger in a shaky foundation minute by minute.

Tonight may have been one of the lowest nights for the Stars and Stripes in some time (even if it wasn’t the lowest), but there is still time for the entirety of the team to catch their fall… if they are helped by the man who can give them a safety net.

Frustration has been bubbling and boiling in a cauldron that’s been put under rapidly intensifying heat ever since July 2, 2014 in Salvador. Jurgen Klinsmann can either watch it boil over, or simmer down just enough to prevent burns on October 10.

He may have only one chance left, on tonight’s evidence.

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