It’s time for MLS teams to bring in more Designated Player defenders

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I’m not sure that Don Garber and MLS would allow it, though. This is where the inner workings of the Single Entity are unknown to the public. There are the stories of Toronto getting nixed in the past in their pursuit of Swedish defender Olof Mellberg. It’s tough to know whether that was because of the Reds’ past mismanagement of funds, or whether the league tends to frown upon defensive DP signings.

But let’s assume they would be perfectly fine with that, and a team went out and brought in two world-class central defenders and a staunch central midfielder as well. How would they fare in this league? What if they were successful?

It’s the type of development that might change the league for the better. A mighty triangle holding the fort might allow the attacking part of the squad (presumably a younger, less-expensive group) more freedom going forward.

Or maybe not. Perhaps people enjoy watching Gio dos Santos and Robbie Keane shredding mediocre backlines on a routine basis. It may be fun, but without balance, it seems awfully artificial.

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