FOX Sports makes important changes to Bundesliga TV schedule


Bundesliga fans, your voices have been heard.

After German soccer fans expressed their disappointment on social media and this website regarding the original plans that FOX Sports had for its Bundesliga TV coverage, FOX Sports has made some changes.

FOX is expected to officially announce its coverage plans for the Bundesliga later on Thursday, but we can reveal that the season opener between Bayern Munich vs. Hamburg on August 14 has been moved from FOX Soccer Plus to FOX Sports 2 (as well as FOX Deportes). Plus, it appears that the Sunday, August 16 match between Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt has been moved to FOX Sports 1.


While most of the Bundesliga matches in the opening three weeks of the season will be spread between FOX Sports 2, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Soccer 2Go, FOX Sports GO and some games on FOX Sports 1, the volume of games on FOX Sports 1 is expected to increase as the season progresses. Plus, there’s news regarding a game included on FOX Sports Net and on for free on YouTube.

We can also reveal that Ian Joy is expected to be officially announced as the host of FOX’s Bundesliga coverage.

The Bundesliga TV schedule for the opening weeks of the season has been updated (viewable via desktop/laptop computers only). Schedules are subject to change.

Hats off to the Bundesliga fans who voiced their anger at FOX’s original plans for Bundesliga coverage. It appears that FOX Sports has adapted to the opposition from fans and made some positive changes.

As soon as we have details from the official announcement, we’ll report them on this website.




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