USA vs Germany, Women’s World Cup semi-final: TV times and open thread

O’Hara’s performance in the quarterfinals were also exemplary. She worked well along the flank both defensively and offensively and provided pressure on both sides of the ball with high tempo runs. Against Germany, her defensive prowess mixed with her breakout ability could help the U.S. win critical midfield battles.

But once again the pressure is on the U.S. offense and their ability to produce goals. Amy Rodriguez and Alex Morgan proved to be the best striking partnership Jill Ellis has selected in the tournament. The combined speed of both of these forwards can cause problems for any backline, but Germany can deal with speed.

The German kryptonite on defense is a technical passing game combined with speed, which was displayed against France in their quarterfinal game. Les Bleus were consistently able to breakdown the German defense with precise passing that changed the point of attack and charged at Germany’s backline with pace.

The U.S. is not know for this style of offense, but the chip and chase game may not be enough in this one.

Putting aside all the technical and tactical components of this game, the winner will simply come down to one simple question: who wants it more?

Germany is fighting to retain their number one spot, but the U.S. wants nothing more then to reclaim what had so long been theirs; and both of these teams want nothing more then to lift the World Cup for a third time.


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